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Voicemail or SMS Messaging for your Business

Have you ever considered Voicemail or SMS Messaging for your Business?

Have you ever considered Voice/SMS Messaging for your Business?

Your voicemail or SMS messaging campaigns are a new innovative Marketing Tool. It is used internationally and veering towards the retail sectors worldwide and B2C Markets.

OceanConnects are proud to be the only Call Centre Company in Ireland offering Voicemail or SMS Messaging Solution to Customers. OceanConnects can run Multilingual Campaigns by a simple recording in the native language and with a single click, thousands of Voicemail or  SMS messages can be distributed by our voice mailing technology with full reporting software to add.

Depending on your configuration, your customers can choose to hear a voice message or read an SMS. They can also respond to an interactive speech menu by contacting our Centre for more information.

OceanConnects will assist your businesses to keeping in close contact with your Customers regarding Promotions, Sales indeed this Solution would also be viewed as an excellent Branding Tool.

Reach out to us to know more about Call Centre Services such as inbound, outbound, marketing solutions and BULK VOICE /SMS MESSAGING sales@oceanconnects.com

Read More: https://oceanconnects.com/voice-broadcasting/

Visit us: www.oceanconnects.com

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