Automated bulk voice messaging by a single click!

Explore unique features on our voice broadcasting platform & reach out to all your customers instantly with your promotions, offers and greetings.

Bulk Voice Calls

Pre-recorded voice message that are business centric or communicates about a product, services, campaign or an event is known as bulk voice call. The voice messages are sent to landline and mobile networks, irrespective of the geographical location within the country.


Choose contacts – record a voice message – schedule its delivery – all in two minutes or less!


Customise plans for businesses of any size in lines to your marketing goals and requirements


Send customised voice messages to fit into your business marketing model


Get a real-time view of all your campaigns and keep a track on the performance

Bulk Voice Messaging

Reach out to customers with a personal touch

Watch your sales increase by using ‘voice messaging’ rather than a ‘text messaging’

Live transfer option available giving your customers a choice of pressing a button on their phone keypad to connect directly with a ‘live agent’ in our Centre regarding any queries or rather sales!

Use Voice Broadcast to send important alerts, promotions, updates,
& notifications to customers, employees, voters, and more!
Our new streamlined process lets you quickly choose your customers and send a voice-message within seconds.

Low price, no contracts or start-up fees. Surveys, Promotions, Bank holidays, Halloween, Xmas, Valentines Day, Easter & Much more! Ability to schedule Campaigns for specific dates and times. Customised templates available to meet your goals. Voice Call enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their Mobile/Landline numbers anywhere in the World with a pre-recorded voice message through our fully automated Online System. 
Voice Calls are completely automated hence no operators. Once our new system is set with your pre-recorded message and contact list –
 we can start the calling campaign by adding a list of your contacts, voice message and our predictive dialler will send out instantly. This system has proved over and over again that this method of voice marketing outshines the normal  (SMS text message) as its instant, more inviting with a voice and thus more likely to catch their attention and thus they respond. 

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