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Tips to increase sales

Everybody wants to sell more. That’s a fact.

However, increasing sales becomes a new challenge every day. Consequently, sellers will often deplete their sales sources. Eventually they no longer know where to start developing new opportunities.

With this, the sales process is frozen. With no new sales opportunities ahead, the seller starts to get unhappy with their results.

Next, this pessimism infects the entire sales team.

Some sellers intensify the time spent in exploratory research when this happens. Others give in and believe that the market has no more space for them. Don’t let this happen to you!

We have all been disheartened and unmotivated at some point in our sales career.

The mere fact that a customer has stopped doing business with our company can serve to discourage us. We start to think we\’re having bad luck in business. Even, sometimes, that the market has stopped. After many calls, visits, meetings, and presentations…sometimes nothing happens. This is really frustrating for a business. You may start exploring other customer leads, trying to connect. However, if you are discouraged, you often have no expectation of closing.

Suddenly, it is not just the vendor’s commission and the morale of the sales team that is down. The company stops selling and other vendors begin to judge their performance.

A sales slump hurts sales, team cohesion, and performance as a whole. Obviously, it is something that any business manager never wants to see in their company.

Amidst all this, the question remains – how can you speed up sales?

Additionally, how can you ensure that the sales cycle does not become something endless? How can you reduce the time between initially approaching a customer and the prospect of the signed contract?

We’ve thought about it, and here are some ways to help the sales team accelerate!

1. Increase accuracy in prospecting

Stop – along with your sales team – to do a study on your potential customer. Things to consider include –

  • Does your company know what it\’s best potentials are?
  • Who are the customers who buy more of your company?
  • What leads them to buy from you rather than with your competitors?
  • Which are the best products/services that you offer to your customers?

Every sales team needs to have a prospecting target. It is like the soul mate of your business: one customer profile – whether B2B or B2C – which really makes an interesting sale and which sees the value in what you offer.

If your company has not documented who this may be, you are wasting resources and losing energy. Do not allow this to happen. Make sure you do not waste time with customers who cannot buy or clients who are not the least bit interested in buying.

The next time you connect in any way to a prospect, ask yourself if it really is a potential customer, or just a distraction.

OceanConnects can help you to find your prospect and transform them on potential leads.  Our Lead Generation solutions aim to bring your customers closer to your sales team.

Our Solution

We provide high-quality and qualified appointments to maximize the efficiency of your sales force.

Most fast-growing companies do not rely solely on one-to-one, word of mouth sales contacts. This is because sales people prove to be more productive at closing sales leads qualified via sales lead generation strategies.

Furthermore, adding more salespeople to a team and expecting them to run the telemarketing side and also sell, is not the best solution regarding business development.

So what is? Use OceanConnects to run the lead generation and telemarketing campaigns, and free your sales team to do “what they do best” – sell.

For more information – Lead Generation

2. Personalise your communications

Customization should be the north of all sales contact. What is successful with one customer, may not – and often will not – work when you try it again.

Obviously, it is imperative that the sales team has a script. It is even more important that they know how to adapt this script. Each approach must reflect and address the reality, needs, desires and personality of each client.

Even if you have a template for e-mails, a written call script, and a standard presentation, see how you can customize it for style, needs, personality, each time you face a customer.

This will ensure that the customer feels they are talking to a person, not a robot.

Whenever you are talking to a customer, either by phone, in person or by e-mail, remember the calls from telemarketing operators that you have received during your life.

Remember how bad it is to hear a speech without the person to stop breathing…

Remind yourself how frustrating it is to want to end the connection, but have no gap to speak…

Don’t forget how awful it is being pestered while driving, or in the middle of a meeting…

The watchword must always be: have common sense.

Customise your message and it\’s delivery. People want to talk to people, not machines. Obviously, do not act with others in a way that you wouldn’t like to be acted upon. Subsequently, train and encourage your sales team to do the same! It is so important to recycle the knowledge and keep people engaged with sales.

Our Solution

Training and Development of personnel is an issue that all small to medium sized businesses need to address, and OceanConnects can help.

Our customer service training courses are inspirational, enjoyable, and successful. The aim is to elevate delegates and their organisations to greater business effectiveness.

Remember – the main aspect when considering investing in your employees training should be to choose and customise a program that “fits in” with the requirements of your company.

For more information – Customer Service and Telemarketing Training

3. Become friends with your prospects

In most cases your customers want someone not just to solve their problems, but who also understands them.

Show interest in your client, and in the troubles that they face. Listen to their problems. Show yourself as an ally. Commit to their results, not just financially. Gain their trust.

Every client is afraid to buy and not take, to pay and not receive.

So, when you approach your client, be prepared on the challenges they face. Often, they can represent an opportunity for your company. Obviously, it is a delicate moment for your client, made easier by knowledge of your commitment to effective results and willingness to help.

Approaching customers with the intention of creating real relationships is the only way to sell to them.

Every salesperson should have – along with sales goals – relationship goals. Essentially, they should aim to build the largest possible number of relationships with people interested in their services.

The first step is to approach the customer and bring something – yourself even – onto his side. This increases the bond between you and your customer or prospect. The greater the proximity, the less likely competition will take your market and sell to your prospects.

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