The Training and Development of personnel is an issue that all businesses need to address, ideally on an ongoing basis. The main aspect when considering investing in your employees telemarketing training should be to choose and customise a program that fits in with the requirements of your company.

It is well known that telemarketing – although undoubtedly a very powerful marketing tool – is often seen as a disturbance or annoyance, and this is mainly due to its ineffective use.  Knowing what questions to ask the customer on the phone (qualification) is only part of the process. Other areas of importance are an ability to listen and understand the answers; developing the ability to use that information to create an interest in the product/service you are promoting; and an awareness of the essential element which will lead to a close and sale.


We have developed this knowledge through our own experience. For your company, we will design training seminars that will develop the qualification questioning and listening skills required to gather all the information the telemarketers need to close and complete.

Depending on your company’s profile, you can choose between Outbound Telemarketing Seminars and Inbound Telemarketing Seminars. Each and every one of our Telemarketing Training Seminars is customised to your organisation’s requirements, and uses real world business situations that will be tailored to your activity.

Our customer service training courses are:

  • inspirational
  • enjoyable
  • successful

We believe in diversity and excellence

that is why we have produced training solutions for a multitude of companies across a wide variety of business sectors. Our clients come back to us time and time again, not just for our proven expertise, but also for our enthusiasm and careful attention on every project.

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