Setting Virtual Sales Appointments

Setting Virtual Sales Appointments

Recent events made it clear that we cannot always schedule appointments or lead generate with CEO’s over the phone with a view to meet face to face and chat over a cup of coffee.   Going forward things will be going in a more digital direction and both CEO’s and Sales Directors have to adapt this new and exciting virtual approach re Sales.

However,  how can you adapt?  – To some business owners (especially those who target local & overseas companies), setting appointments virtually feels less sincere and genuine.   There is nothing personal or human about filling out a form or booking a slot in the calendar.   Why do we ever need a Telemarketing company to lead generate or set appointments or indeed a Sales Consultant?

Allow us to explain –  Why would Businesses like (for example) Manufacturing, IT Companies, Home Improvements, Accountants, etc switch to virtual appointment setting?   It simply has to be the quality, target driven / goal reaching ability, cost element, experience, and the increase in Sales by outsourcing.

On the other hand, there is no such thing as easy sale.  However having a solid and stable sales process is only possible when there is a plan, an approach, and a lot of patience for executing each step.

Virtual sales appointments aren’t an exception.   So, if you want to keep up with the trend and run your business safely and still get results, outsourcing is the answer to sales appointments virtually

Set virtual appointments with these tips

First things first, don’t even think you can pull this off without a Sales Person. Websites and online forms can do a lot for you but without a proper dialogue with human interaction, you won’t get far.  You need a person to make calls, talk shop, and present your services and products to your prospects, gradually nurturing them into buyers within a short time frame with a good script as CEO’s and Director are busy people.   Therefore do not be in a hurry to let your sales department go as there is much work to do.

With that said, we can now take a deeper look at more particular tips on how to schedule virtual appointments successfully.

Make it clear that you offer virtual appointments

Some Sales people act rather vague about how they schedule meetings.  They refrain from mentioning the digital format of the meeting until the very last moment or mince their words, trying to phrase “Skype call” in the most business-like way possible.   Usually, they act this way because this approach is new to them and also fear of the rejection.  Outsourcing to an experience Telemarketing Company (OceanConnects) is what is required to set Virtual Appointments with your Prospect who will welcome is a B2B conversation in Zoom or Skype. Learning to communicate your values and goals is essential to standing out from the crowd and catching your prospects’ attention and this is where OceanConnects comes in to play ?

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