We provide to our national and international clients professional solutions available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, handling both inbound and outbound calls, social media monitoring, mobile campaigns and much more.
Also, if your company has a global presence we can support you with more than 15 languages!
A Call Centre can be an efficient and inexpensive tool for business development as we define it as the practice of marketing goods or services by telephone.
Simply put, it is a component of the entire and complex marketing process. Namely that part of the process where a business identifies its customers, and brings a product or a service to the attention of a target group. Enabling us to contact pre-selected potential customers for prospecting or making a presentation of your services/products for the purpose of creating an interest.
We can take your calls while you concentrate in your business!
  • No full-time employment costs
  • No overheads, no line rental or busy lines
  • No missed sales calls
  • Call answered/made in your company’s name
  • High Standard of Customer Service
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) – All calls answered with 3 rings

More information about our services:

Call Centre Solutions
Marketing Solutions
Telemarketing and Customer Service Training
Mystery Shopping
Virtual Office
Voice & Third Party Verification

Our Services

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we can manage to assist you in escalating your business to new oppurtunities.

Multilingual Help Desk

We don’t want you to be limited to borders, our multilingual helpdesk can assist you in 15 languages.

Support Solutions 24/7/365

We provide a range of services, from taking inbound to making outbound calls. Whether you require multilingual agents, telemarketing, customer or technical support, we believe in sharing the load, every step of the way.

Virtual Office

You might not have an office but that doesn’t mean
you’re not a real company. If you’re a startup or a trader, not wanting to spend invest in an office space, we’ve got you sorted. We can get you a business address and set you up.

Mystery Shopping

With a structured feedback, on every aspect of the services delivered, we aim to provide to with customised solution as per the needs of your company. Be it onsite, telephone, email or social media platforms, we help you in meeting your target personas.


Social Media Management

The world is becoming digital and so are we. Social Media is one of the most powerful tools to gather brand recognition. It’s ultimately all about the brand, we’d like to be your stepping stone.

Content Marketing

One of the building blocks of digital marketing, or in the words of Jon Buscall, “Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign”. Let us give you that commitment.

Training Times

The main aspect when considering investing in your employee’s training should be to choose and to customise a program that “fits in” with your company’s requirements.

We love what we do!

Multilingual Helpdesk
Quality Customer Support
No Full-Time Employment Costs
Inbound And Outbound Calls
No Missed Sales Calls
Calls Answered In 3 Rings And Less
No More of Line rental or Busy Lines