7 reasons to outsource this Summer!

Summer Holidays are coming! Have you considered outsourcing your inbound calls (Reception)?

Outsourcing is the process of delegating a company\’s business process to third parties. Benefits to you include access to low cost labour, and improved quality of service.

Advantages of outsourcing:

  1. You save up to 50% on temporary employment costs and overheads.
  2. No time or money spent on training.
  3. You receive a message after ever call on real time or we can transfer to your direct dial.
  4. We can provide recordings of all calls to your business.
  5. All calls are addressed by highly qualified staff. No recordings!
  6. No missed calls! Calls answered within 3 rings pick up.
  7. Calls are transferred to your direct dial or addressed accordingly.
  8. Reception services available when you need them. We work full-time, part-time, lunchtime, summer-holidays, maternity leaves, after-hours etc.

When people call your company – even outside of working hours – they expect their calls to be answered by a ‘live’ agent. At the very least they expect the option to  ‘chat’ via social media. Research shows that a high volume of callers will not leave a voice message. They simply move onto the next company until they get speaking (or online chatting) to a ‘live’ agent. Therefore having a 24/7 process in place ensures you never miss an opportunity for potential business!

Outsourcing with OceanConnects:

  • With our huge network and presence in local markets in several nations, we ensure lowest per unit cost for our clients.
  • Clients can achieve a greater degree of control over the project. They get accurate updates on the developments.
  • No stress or hassles involved in importing; as such clients can emphasise on their core processes.
  • Our expertise in handling such projects lowers the level of risk.
  • We have our partners and agents in Asia; South America; Middle East; and other manufacturing countries.

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Request a free quotation today and enjoy your summer with no worries!

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