High-quality and qualified appointments to maximise the efficiency of your sales force!
Lead Generation and Appointment Setting
B2B (Business to Business): Successful B2B telemarketing must comply with the basics of a successful call – getting through the gate keeper; the opening statement; listening, understanding, and using the received information; thinking on your feet; and finally a successful close. We train our agents to master each of these stages alongside sales techniques, and this is how we deliver results for your company. B2C (Business-To-Consumer): In working for and on behalf of your company, we will contact potential customers and generate leads. We will then qualify those leads and set up a quality and qualified appointment for your sales team to visit and close! In essence, our work is crucial in establishing the next step to making a sale. Lead_Generation cicle

The best way to boost the commercial area of a company is to generate more qualified leads

Generate and Qualify Leads Telemarketing lead generation is one of the most important steps to your marketing and sales mix and campaign. Most fast-growing companies do not rely solely on one-to-one, word of mouth, sales contacts. This is because sales people have proven to be more productive at closing sales leads which have been previously qualified via sales lead generation strategies. In a nutshell, adding more salespeople to the team and expecting them to run the telemarketing side and also sell, is not the best solution regarding business development. This is where we can help! By using OceanConnects to cost-effectively run the lead generation and telemarketing campaigns, your sales team are free to do what they do best – sales. Appointment Setting We provide high-quality and qualified appointments to maximise the efficiency of your sales force. We monitor the process from the first contact to the closed sale, allowing you to fine tune your sales strategy. Database Cleaning Service Accurate data is certainly the most important aspect of any campaign, whether outbound telemarketing; email marketing; or lead generation on behalf of your sales team. OceanConnects can assist your company in reaching targets and reduces the risk of damaging your business reputation by contacting incorrect contacts. Data Actions we can perform:
We will de-duplicate business and consumer data; remove all internal “out outs” for both B2B and B2C; append telephone numbers; append new addresses and verify existing addresses; and suppress against the NDD (National Directory Database) opt-outs.
Market Research
We can help if you are looking into:
  • Setting-up a business and need specific data for your business plan
  • Launching a new product or service
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Follow-up calls to customers to evaluate customer satisfaction
  • The second wave in a direct mail marketing campaign for small targeted groups.
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