OceanConnetcts Telemarketing Tool

A key service within our company is B2B Telemarketing. The Telemarketing can be delivered on behalf of companies from various different industries and can be an effective tool to use for generating leads with Key Decision Makers, to allow you to sell your products and services to.



If you have ever thought about using it as an effective tool to help increase sales within the business, telemarketing can be an effective tool in generating new business for you.


OceanConnects are Offering For €350 +VAT per Month – Eight (7) Guaranteed!! Qualified!! Business Leads per Month

This offer will be subject to a 3-month contract.


With OceanConnects, we could help with generating more leads for your business with Key Decision Makers to sell your products and services.


For more information give us a call on 01 470 4200 or email sales@oceanconnects.com!