We offer a comprehensive programme of Mystery Shopping and Store Assessment to help you improve your customer services.

Mystery Shopping can assist any business in understanding its customers’ aspirations, needs, and perspective. Consequently, we can help improve your business!

OceanConnects will provide a fully customised programme which will meet the needs of your organisation. We also provide structured feedback on each element of the service delivered.

Customised Solutions Offered

OceanConnects Onsite Mystery assessment solution provides you with detailed customer feedback on each element of the services delivered. In this highly customer focused environment, this can lead to developments and solutions which will differentiate your services from your competitors’.

In our modern business world, consumers expect to connect with you through the phone. An OceanConnects mystery telephone assessment service provides you with detailed insights on that consumer experience. Our trained team will develop and then carry out different situations on behalf of your business. We then provide a detailed feedback report, which you can use to improve your telephone service.

Business in particular is a highly technology-oriented environment. Modern consumers often make enquiries through email. OceanConnects mystery email assessment services gives you detailed insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s email response to consumers.

Social media is not just for individuals, it is for everyone. Your business can improve its relationship with both customers and other businesses through interaction on social media platforms. It can even increase your sales performance! Discover what your target audience is talking about, including – but not limited to – what they say about your brand.

Mystery Shopping Analysis of your company’s services is an invaluable tool. It provides insight into your business’s current relationship with customers, and ideas on how to improve and build on that same relationship. By looking at ease of access; the quality of information available; the speed of response; and the overall quality of the experience; we can help your business – and your customers’ appreciation of it – move to the next level.