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Multilingual | Bringing your e-commerce to a global level

If you are planning to expand your e-commerce reach to another countries, multilingual capabilities are a must. Unfortunately, these can be costly and time-consuming to integrate into your company.

Alternatively, you can avoid the cost to your company and use the Multilingual services available from OceanConnects. This gives you access to the several main languages used in modern call centres.
Although it is difficult to find a consensus due to differences in classification, linguists generally agree that –

The most spoken languages in the world include…

  • Mandarin – This grouping of the most popular Chinese language dialects are collectively  he most widely spoken language in the world.
  • Spanish – Spoken in approximately 30 countries by approximately 400million inhabitants. Present on both Europe and South America.
  • English. English is the official language in a hundred countries. The English-speaking number between 330 and 500 million, and are spread across all continents. English is also one of the most influential languages, as besides being the official language of millions of people, it is also the “first second language” chosen by many.
  • Hindi – Hindi is spoken in only four countries – including India and Nepal – and it’s success is due to the number of inhabitants of these countries. Hindi has between 260 million and 300 million speakers.
  • Arabic – spoken in 60 countries by approximately 240 million people. There are many dialects, including the sacred Classical Arabic’ which is used for the recital of the Quran. Additionally, Modern Standard Arabic’ is one of 6 official languages of the United Nations.
  • Bengali – Like Hindi, Bengali is spoken only in 4 countries, mainly in India and Bangladesh. Even so, this language has between 200 and 250 million speakers.
  • Portuguese – Portugal itself may be a small country, but it’s language is anything but. It is the official language of the highly populous Brazil, as well as a dozen other countries, several of which are located in Africa. Overall it accounts for approximately 200 million people.
  • Russian – Spoken in 16 countries, by something between 150 and 160 million inhabitants.
  • Japanese – Since it is spoken in only one country, this is a so-called isolated language, but with a population of over 130 million people, it’s also a record breaker!

OceanConnects can help your company to go global and give the proper support to your company in more than 14 languages.

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