We provide Multilingual call centre solutions, customised to your company needs.

OceanConnects provides bilingual call centre service as well as multilingual help desk service to our customers.

In today’s business environment, call centres need to have the capacity to operate bilingually, and we do!

Does your business already have a global presence or are you planning to develop one?

Then you need a multilingual centre to answer your inbound help desk calls and emails. With our multilingual service, trained operators will respond to your incoming calls and emails in a professional manner and address queries accordingly.

Your phone lines and emails are answered by us 24/7/365 in your company name. Protocol is followed for messages according to your company stipulations.

We provide outsourcing for multilingual services readily in several languages. Additionally, we also have the capabilities to translate any other language using a translation operator relay service. Multilingual options are available for:
  • Customer service
  • Technical support
  • Back office support by phone, chat, & email
  • Telesales and telemarketing
Does your company require Operators fluent in French, Spanish, Italian, German or alternatively in Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Korean, German, Italian, Russian, or even Japanese? OceanConnects has the available resources to assist your business More info? We understand the need for some businesses to have multilingual support. Therefore we have developed the capabilities required to offer this as a service. We work to help your company improve customer service and increase sales revenue by creating positive customer experiences. If you need support in European / Asian languages, our highly trained and professional agents will handle your calls and improve your global presence. Is it expensive? Not with us. Furthermore, as we’re professionals there are actually many benefits. In particular, you don’t have to worry about providing a physical space, computers, or other work materials. Sometimes your need is just for few hours a day. Consequently, outsourcing can fill this need for a very low cost, preventing the need to hire full-time employees that generate a higher cost.

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