Inbound Solutions

OceanConnects becomes an extension of your company! Inbound Call Centre is customised to each and every client’s requirements.

  • Fulltime
  • After Hours
  • Lunch Time
  • Maternity Leave
  • Customer Service
  • Helpdesk (to include Multilingual) Support solutions!
  • Week Ends
  • Holidays
  • Meetings
  • Illness

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How we use our Inbound Call Centre for your business:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
An interactive set of menu options directing callers to the appropriate department, enabling them to have their queries handled efficiently, professionally, and quickly, within an agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement) of a 3 ring pick-up.

Live Answering Service
With this service your offices are always open. Therefore no calls are left unanswered; no client is greeted by a voicemail; there is no wait time for calls to be answered; and furthermore, you’ll never miss another sales call.

Customer Service
In today’s world, Customer service is an ongoing process. Our Call Centre service allows you to ensure that your Customers are taken care of before, during, and after the purchase of a product or service.

Customer Care/Order taking
However a potential customer encounters your business – through your website; a sales call; a brochure request; radio slot; or press advertisement – their first choice for contacting you directly will often be through a phone call. Consequently, more and more businesses are seeking the competitive advantage offered by an extended after-hours phone service.

Increased visibility & contact
Research has shown that many buyers browse web-sites for products or services at weekends or outside office hours, and then reach for the phone or social media for further information. By offering a 24/7 operation to your potential customers, your business is allowing them to speak to a ‘live’ operator or interact via chat, which will in turn increase your sales.

Simple & seamless solution with OceanConnects 
We work with you, so advise us on your own preferred method of call or chat answering, and then product training and refresher courses every 6 months will ensure your brand is always protected.

Event & Conference Registration 
If you’re organising an event or a conference, not only can we assist you in promoting the event, we can also provide Live Agent Registration. This way, in addition to registering, the registrants can also ask for more information on the first call.

Managing complaints
Effective complaint management and problem resolution processes carried out by our operators allow organisations to obtain customer feedback and data, which is then used to:

  • improve the services/products
  • increase customer
  • satisfaction and loyalty
  • increase profits

Customer service & helpdesk support solutions 
It is commonly known that retaining and nurturing client relationships is much more profitable than finding a new customer. We can provide your company with both contact centre and helpdesk support solutions, enabling you to rest assured that all customer issues and queries are dealt with in real time, efficiently and professionally.

Competition line 
Have you launched a competition or are you planning to? Do you need assistance handling all calls and/or gathering contact details from participants? We have the knowledge and skill set to take this task on and deliver a well structured, cost-effective campaign.

Breakdown service 
If your employees need to be on call 24/7 to rapidly assist your customers, why not outsource your after-hour calls by simply transferring your main line number to one of our many numbers? How can we do that – we are open 24/7!  This can also be run with a multilingual element for your international customers.

After-hours call handling 
When people call your company – even outside of working hours – looking for information about your services or products, they expect their calls to be answered by a ‘live’ agent, or at the least to have an option to  ‘chat’ via social media. Research shows that a high volume of callers will not leave a voice message, they simply move onto the next company until they get speaking (or online chatting) to a ‘live’ agent. Therefore having a 24/7 process in place will ensure there is never another missed opportunity for potential business!