Add email marketing to your marketing mix!

Email Marketing has experienced explosive growth in recent years. More and more companies are putting it to work, attracted by how easy, affordable, and effective email marketing can be.

email marketing

10 reasons to consider email marketing:

1• Send out a Newsletter

Sending out an email newsletter to your customers is a very effective communication tool and a brand building exercise

We believe it’s all about the content and providing your clients with quality information

3• Event Announcements

Email marketing is probably the fastest and most efficient way to spread the word about your event

5• Press Releases

As surely as your existing customers need to know about business updates and developments, the general public need to know too, particularly if there is a chance they may become customers too! By using email marketing to inform the press of upcoming changes and product launches, you can increase brand awareness and recognition and attract new customers

7• Launch a competition

As with above, email marketing provides a straightforward process for running a competition. You can inform customers of the launch, remind them to enter, and then announce the winner, all through email. Competitions can also act as an incentive for customers to sign up to a mailing list

9• Brand Building

Email marketing is an almost unique opportunity to have regular contact with customers, even when there’s no physical presence involved. By keeping them updated on developments; sharing your progress; and even by merely appearing in their inbox on a weekly or monthly basis, you create links between you and your customer that cannot be easily replicated

2• Special Promotions
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4• Business Updates

You may be moving or opening a new store. You may be re-launching your website, or you may have a new line of products. Either way, you can use email marketing to tell your customers about that. Give your customers advance notice of what’s coming and at the same time, increasing your brand awareness

6• Solicit surveys

Email marketing is an easy way to solicit participants for a survey and to communicate survey results. Send out the questions. Verify the responses and report back the results. Your clients will appreciate having their voices heard

8• Prepare to prosper!

Email marketing can be planned for in advance, saving you time, effort, and frustration. We will work with you to agree on a schedule, the content included, and the goals for each email, and we will keep you updated as the project progresses. Finally, you will receive a feedback report, allowing you to see just how effective email marketing – and OceanConnects – can be

10• OceanConnects can help!

Our goal is to develop smart and market-driven strategic plans for our customers. We work closely with our clients to establish a complete view on their market, customers, and competition. This research is invaluable to clients, and goes into creating effective email marketing campaigns that make a genuine difference

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