Appointment Setting

Our Quality controlled confirmed appointments and strong follow-up process let you save on time and resources while assisting you with a qualitative performance resulting in massive boast in your sales cycle & rapid ROI.

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At OceanConnects, we bring years of experience and expertise to the table when it comes to Lead Generation and Appointment Setting services.  Our primary focus is to “open the door” for your business, allowing your Sales team to concentrate on what they do best – Sales.   With a team of fully trained experts in Lead generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, and Telesales, we ensure seamless and tailored B2B and B2C Campaigns that deliver tangible results.

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Why Choose OceanConnects for
Appointment Setting

Telemarketing Scripts is an absolute must in regard to prospecting on behalf of our Clients.

Quality Scripting ensure the Agents have the ability to ‘think on their feet’, and making the most out of every interaction on all calls made and at the same time qualify the the appointment set which is absolutely essential to our Clients Sales. Having a prepared Telemarketing Script (signed off by Client prior to commencement of Campaign) will improve overall productivity and increase your bottom line.

Expert Team

Our Appointment Setting team consists of highly skilled and trained Experts in the field of Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Telemarketing, and Telesales.

Increased Productivity

By providing our Agents with well-prepared Telemarketing Scripts, we ensure that every call is productive and leaves a positive impact. This results in better conversions.

Proven Results

OceanConnects has helped numerous businesses expand their reach, increase their Customer base, and boost their revenue through effective Lead Generation and Aappointments Setting Campaigns.

Tailored Campaigns

Our team will tailor B2B and B2C campaigns to suit your specific requirements, ensuring optimal results for your Sales team.

The necessary operational and analytical skills with a creative approach and catering to Clients/Customer’s requirements.

We also provide a strategic framework to assist your Company include the individual areas of developing marketing and sales technology. We deliver insights, information, and data to help you adopt new technologies to improve the Customer experience and Business strategies.

Product Trial and Demo Registration

With the expertise of our in-house Telemarketing Team, we ensure to identify and ‘hit’ the ideal audience for your product trial registrations or demo. We not only get you registrations, we also help you design your registration or login forms.