Established in 2004, Ocean Connects is a Call Center which operates out of Dublin headquarters.

We provide high quality outsourced communication solutions to small, medium, or large enterprises in Ireland and Overseas. Our services are based on 5 methods of contact and communication. These are call centre services, email support services, SMS, live chat support services and social media monitoring.
All our services are also available with multi-lingual capabilities.

Your Outsourcing needs will be carefully analysed and a customised solution will be created specifically for your business’s environment.

We afford our clients cutting edge, state of the art technology, along with highly skilled people and industry best practices. Consequently, clients are free to focus more on growing their core business.

OceanConnects commits to meeting your requirements and fulfilling our brief (or SLA) efficiently and professionally.
Your business will thrive, without having to compromise on customer service, budget demands, or time-consuming restructuring.

Our objective

Is to build strong customer relationships and strategic partnerships through quality services, resulting in an exceptional outsourcing value

Our future depends on assisting our customers and clients in achieving their targets. We are proactive, and use a flexible approach, making it possible to deliver results and exceed expectations. We offer expert knowledge and practical solutions, and we deliver on our commitments.

Whether in Business to Business or Business to Consumer communications, OceanConnects’ analytical and pro-active operation style enable us to envision our clients’ requirements; identify and allocate the resources; and then deliver on a wide range of call centre services, making us the ideal choice for your business needs.

Check out our solutions

We provide communication solution for both Business to Business and Business to Consumer markets

voice broadcasting

Send customised voice messages to reach more customers & fit into your business model.

call center

We handle customers calls on behalf of your company & help you to improve your customer relationship.


We use a flexible approach to develop practical solutions that work for your business.

virtual office

Excellent option for sole traders, startups and small companies that can’t invest in the rent of a property.

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