Virtual Secretary – Advantages

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The virtual assistant profession is super high and has been making the biggest success in the world! For example, they can take care of your calendar, schedule your meetings, confirm or cancel appointments, answer calls and emails.

What is a Virtual Secretary?

Virtual Secretaries or Assistants are business secretaries who, on their own, give administrative support to their clients, usually professionals, consulting firms, small business owners, startups and others. The idea is to support those who do not need to employ a full-time and / or financially available person, but undoubtedly need some administrative support.

It may also be the case that it is a mere economic option, that is, not wanting to have financial charges with salaries, paid vacations, etc. and all other obligations an employer has to commit to when he/she decides to hire someone to be at your facility 5 days a week, 8 hours a day!

Thus, in the phases of greater volume of work, or simply because they want to delegate certain tasks, these professionals and companies turn to the Virtual Secretaries. A lightweight, economical and uncompromising solution.



Since you only pay for the tasks and time you need, you can avoid unnecessary expenses.


To hire the execution of the tasks that you want and when your workload demands it.


Guarantee of a service performed by a competent professional, with specialized training and solid experience in reception and secretariat.

Concentration on your “Core Business”

Time to focus on the main activity of your company, whether it be Construction, Restoration, Commerce, Aesthetics, Consulting or other.

Free time

To devote to what is really important, your family and of course your business too!


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