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All companies, both national and international, can benefit from using our solutions, whether overflow call handling, lead generation, social media management, third party verification or any of other customised solution.

To gain a greater insight about any of our services email us now to request a quote along with a personalised outline of your requirements.

To ensure that the quote we provide is as accurate as possible, here is a list of what you should include in your email to us:

  • What type of services are you looking for?

  • Are you currently outsourcing?

  • What is your current or projected call volume per month?

  • Project start date (also end date, if applicable)

  • Do you have a lead generation database?

  • Is the campaign to be performed on a specific time schedule? If so,….when?

  • Any other specific requirements you may have

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Once we have received your request, after a detailed analysis, we will send you the quote through your preferred method of contact so you can decide how to proceed.