Reasons Why your Company Needs Phone Service

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We are in a time when have a fixed phone, for many, seems to be unnecessary.
After all, with WhatsApp, e-mail, Skype, SMS, Viber, free calls to the same mobile operator, why do you need a landline number to promote your business?
Only one argument we are going to use to answer that.
Professionalise the phone service of your company doesn’t cost much and gives you a great return!
Believe it or not, your prospects, customers and your leads tend to trust you more if you have a landline.
First, because the landline number basically means that you exist.
People are less confident when companies have only a mobile phone to assist them.
In addition, a cell phone number can cause the impression that only one person works at the company.
Depending on your business segment, it can greatly hinder the performance with a certain profile of customers and companies.
In another words, having your cell phone as a business phone can really affect your company’s image.
And we’re just talking about the impact on customer without mentioning other possible issues.
For example, getting bank loans, financing, leases and other details that every company needs to deal now and then.
Now, if you do not want headaches with operators and their long and complicated contracts, what about simply hiring a Virtual Receptionist for your business?
By hiring a Virtual Receptionist, you get a landline number and all your calls will directed to our call centre.
When your customers call this number they will be assisted by a team of professional virtual secretaries and transfer to your mobile or other phone.
The secretaries are trained to answer on behalf of your company, and may include information on your system or even access your calendar if you prefer.
Professional services for half of the cost and more important never miss another sales call!
We have a SLA (Service Level Agreement) with a three rings pickup by a live operator.
At the end of the call you receive a report of what was done via e-mail or SMS with the details of the caller, phone number and a summary of the conversation.
Simple alternative that enables sole traders, small businesses, micro-entrepreneurs and startups ensure professional service to customers.

Talk to our specialists today and find the best inbound plan to your company. We customise the contract to your company needs!


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