7 reasons to outsourcing this Summer!

7 reasons to outsourcing this Summer!

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Summer Holidays are coming so why not consider outsourcing your Reception (your inbound calls) rather than choosing the expensive Recruitment Agency route for temporary personnel?

Transfer your main-line number to one of our many numbers. We then assign the “company name” – all calls will be answered in your company name. Outsourcing is the process of delegating a company’s business process to third parties, leveraging benefits ranging from low cost labour, improved quality to product and service innovation.


  1. Save up to 50% on temporary employment costs and overheads.
  2. No time spent with trainings.
  3. You receive a message after ever call on real time or we can transfer to your direct dial. (all calls recorded)
  4. No recordings messages! All your calls are addressed accordingly by high-qualified team.
  5. No missed calls! Calls answered with 3 rings pick up.
  6. Transferred to your direct dial or addressed accordingly.
  7. Service available when required: full-time, part-time, lunchtime, summer-holidays, maternity leaves, after-hours etc.

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Request a free quotation today and

enjoy your summer with no worries!

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