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If you are planning to expand your e-commerce to another countries the first barrier will be the language.

You will need professionals fluent in one more languages or you can have the Multilingual services from OceanConnects.
There are several main languages on call centre nowadays and having all of them in your team can be a big cost to your company.
The 10 most spoken languages in the world (not an official list). Because it is a classification of the most spoken languages in the world, it is difficult to find a consensus.
  • The Mandarin – Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world.
  • The Spanish, a language spoken in approximately 30 countries, distributed mostly in Latin America (not counting Spain). Spanish has approximately 400 million speakers.
  • The English. Again, no big surprises. The reason? English is the official language in a hundred countries. The English-speaking Anglophones are around 330 and 500 million, spread across all continents, which is an advantage for all those who want to learn English (or for those who already speak it). In Africa, Asia, Oceania … you will always find at least one country that has English as an official language. English is also one of the most influential languages. For besides being the official language of millions of people, it is also the “first second language”, chosen by many.
  • The Hindi. Unlike English, Hindi is spoken in only four countries, mainly in India and Nepal. Its success is basically due to the number of inhabitants of these countries. Hindi has between 260 million and 300 million speakers. Note: There are approximately one hundred languages similar to Hindi. As you learn it, you will not have a hard time learning all these other languages. Anyway, “will have no difficulty” … this is relative!
What about the Arabic?
  • Arabic is spoken in 60 countries by approximately 240 million people. In addition, Arabic is a sacred language (the Koran is recited only in Arabic). The truth is that it is a rather complicated language to learn, and to complicate matters further, it is divided into several dialects in different arabophone countries, which are distinct enough that they are not intelligible to each other.
  • The Bengali. Like Hindi, Bengali is spoken only in 4 countries, mainly in India and Bangladesh. Still, this language has something between 200 and 250 million speakers.
  • The Portuguese, that appears in this list mainly thanks to Brazil and the immensity of this country. In addition, Portuguese is also spoken in a dozen countries, several of which are located in Africa, for approximately 200 million people.
  • The Russian, which is, after all, spoken in 16 countries, by something between 150 and 160 million inhabitants.
  • The Japanese, which is what we call an isolated language, since it is spoken only (or almost) in Japan by 130 million people. (A record, in a way.)

OceanConnects can help your company to go global and

give the proper support to your company in more than 14 languages.

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