7 Ways to Improve Your Customer Relationship

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Improving customer relationships is the ideal alternative for anyone who wants to expand their business while lowering costs. Marketing experts are unanimous in saying that it is far more economical to keep loyal customers than to work to attract new buyers.

For this reason, organizations are increasingly committed to increasing engagement with the brand. Today, with the help of technology and features like digital marketing, it is possible to maintain a closer bond with the customer and thus optimize results.
Here are 7 ways to improve your customer relationship. Analyze each one carefully, always thinking about what you can apply based on your business niche and target audience!

1. Study customer behavior

The first thing you should do to improve the customer relationship is to get to know you better. How to please someone we do not know? Impossible. Find out what problems your audience experiences that your business might solve. What is the average age, sex, income, location, and what are their expectations?
All successful brands that develop innovative marketing strategies work permanently in the search for this information. Knowing the profile of the target audience is a basic and indispensable need to attract and retain the consumer. So always focus on the client and keep in mind that you have to constantly update this information because people’s behavior changes from one moment to another.

2. Be the company that is customer friendly

Being a customer’s friend does not necessarily mean inviting you for a lunch or something. It means that the relationship should be as natural and spontaneous as possible, without phrases or mechanized. Memorizing the client’s name and always calling it that way is a detail that helps you build a closer bond.
In fact, every customer loves to feel special. Your company can make you feel that way. Simply develop empathy, know how to listen to it to understand your needs, always strictly follow what was agreed and never leave a client waiting for answers. The idea is to treat the other as you would like to be treated, unconditionally.

3. Using technology resources

When a company is evolving, it is only natural that the number of customers increases. In this way, it is difficult to manage all the information necessary to provide a personalized service, either by telephone or any other means of communication. The most practical solution is to implement a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system which, translated into Portuguese, means Customer Relationship Management.
This tool helps you organize all the information of your audience in a complete and intelligent database. Through it, it is possible to create means to relate to the client, such as sending an e-mail to the birthday of the day, sending a newsletter with the latest news to an exclusive audience and a series of other actions, besides being able to follow the performance of results.

4. Expand communication channels

Companies that have not yet modernized service channels are missing out on excellent business opportunities. Broadening the communication channels so that the customer can choose how, when and where to interact with the company is an urgent need. Where there is demand, there must be supply.
In addition to the more traditional forms of conversation, study the possibility of offering others, such as: online chat, contact form on the website, email, social networks, mobile applications, among others. In this way, the customer will have more comfort and convenience and can make contact even from the phone or tablet. OceanConnects can help you to provide those channels contact us to see the best solution for you.

5. Mark presence on the internet helps in customer relationship

The best place for a business to be is where the public is. For this reason, you need to be present on the internet, interact with the public. There are numerous social networking options, just choose the darling channels of your audience and, at the same time, can be useful to evidence the qualities of the brand.
Who works with objects of art and decoration is choosing to use the service of Pinterest. Fashion and beauty bloggers love the Instagram service. Facebook is virtually universal, the most popular. All of these features offer great possibilities. The important thing is to prioritize the quality of the image above anything, have a correct spelling and abuse of creativity.

6. Offer useful content to your audience

Another way to greatly improve customer relationships is through the production of content on the internet. The company that owns a blog and makes periodic journals of interesting articles, focused on what your audience wants to know, is well located in Google search engines.
Being found on the internet is critical to the success of a business. Of course there are techniques.


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